New digital asset for global finance.

Krisper is building the fastest, most reliable ecosystem for global finance

App for a global ecosystem

Send & Receive

One-click money transfers between your accounts within the KRISPER ecosystem. With very low transaction costs, KRISPER Pay will be the best solution for transactions around the world

Multi Cryptocurrency & fiat Wallet App

Major fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies support, KRISPER Pay is the best alternative to traditional finance

100% Secure Wallet

KRISPER encrypted private keys and transaction data on your device. Your data remains private

DeFi in your hand

Earn, loan, swap or store your assets will never be so easy. The world of DeFi is open to everyone

KRISPER network & KRP

Krisper is an open-source network for currencies and payments. Krisper makes it possible to create, send and trade digital assets of all forms of currency, fiat, cryptocurrency, NFT. It is designed to operate anywhere in the world with low transaction costs and in a secure manner.

Lowest fees transactions
Fast and secure transactions
256-bit secure encryption

We've built a global ecosystem

Krisper will operate on an open and decentralized network and handle millions of transactions every day. Like Bitcoin and Ethereum, Krisper relies on its own blockchain. Krisper is much faster, cheaper, and more power efficient than conventional blockchain-based systems.

100% Private data
99.99% Uptime guarantee
24/7 Dedicated support

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How to invest in KRISPER ?

Our platform is easy to use. Users can invest in using their PayPal, debit / credit card, or crypto wallets.

1. Click on the link to buy tokens
2. Create a free account
3. Start investing